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What is Modular?

Modular is a project crafted to streamline your web application development using the VILT Stack (Vue 3, Inertia, Laravel, and Tailwind). It serves as a well-documented foundation for kickstarting your next application, offering a harmonious set of tools that synergize perfectly.

By installing the Modular package, you will receive a solid starting point for your next app, which includes authentication features and also:

  • A Themed Admin Panel seamlessly integrated with Tailwind CSS, ready to assist you in crafting your application.
  • A finely-tuned ACL (Access Control List) System to effortlessly manage users and roles.
  • A suite of auto-loaded Custom Vue 3 Components, penned in JavaScript, and tailored with Tailwind CSS; ready for use.
  • Vite for a lightning-fast frontend development journey.
  • Inertia.js to ensure a smooth frontend and backend connection, simplifying routing and component data hydration, among other benefits.
  • A custom-built CLI to swiftly generate new modules; propelling your development speed.
  • A comprehensive translation system ready to help your application speak the world's languages (if needed).
  • Build steps for your frontend application are set, pre-configured, and ready to roll from the get-go, with the right tooling and stack to keep the momentum high.

Modular is engineered with a special focus on developer experience and provides an alternative to connect different parts of your applications using a simple and intuitive way.

Demo App

What frameworks and tools power Modular?

Modular stands tall on the shoulders of these eminent frameworks and tools:

Feeling overwhelmed? Fear not!

Rest easy, we've seamlessly interlinked all the above-mentioned pieces for you. Grasping the basics of Modular will have you up and running, crafting applications in no time with a curated ensemble of tools that work in perfect harmony. It's simpler than it seems!