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Who am I?

I'm a quite curious guy who loves learning about different subjects like music, playing tennis at a competitive level, spirituality, coding, etc...

I started my programming journey more than 20 years ago, studying ActionScript, a language that was used by Macromedia Flash at that time... Flash was used for web interactivity and animation; for me, it was music in motion. Having studied music since I was 7, Flash was my natural entry point into programming. Being in web development for more than two decades, it's needless to say that I learned a lot from generous developers who donated their time by answering questions on forums, writing articles, and recording video tutorials... I sincerely hope someone can benefit from my work as I did from the hard work of others, through Open Source.

This project connects the dots of diverse projects I developed over the years in my little company (when I say little, it's almost a "one man band") called Visualcom.

At the end of the day, words aside... I'm the guy in the video below, you can find me in the harmonica floating notes played between 0:50s and 0:56s ✨